Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Monthly Blog Post

Woke up at 1:30 and can't go back to sleep. Having all these random thoughts rolling through my brain. Why is it when you can't eat or drink anything you're so thirsty you'd swear you could die? Crazy, right? A random thought.
Had a birthday party for Noah yesterday. Wound up at Chuck E. Cheese and it was actually bearable. Enjoyed visiting with other moms and (of course!) the kids enjoyed visiting and they love the place. Another random thought, why is it that the places the kids love most are absolute torture for the adults? Thanks to everyone for the gifts and the visit. Also, Kelli thanks for stalking the CEC manager for us (lol) and for the awesome cakes. They were obviously a hit! So, now, thinking I'm going to finalize some of the "random thoughts" I'm having - and have been having - about my co-op class. I am looking forward to co-op! The kids are very excited! I think they'd do co-op classes all year and love it.
After that, I'm hoping to get the month of February planned out for kids church. Wonder how much I can get done in two hours? We shall see!
Okay, I've blogged for the month of January - lets see if I do better in February!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Down to the wire....

One more post before the new year. Barely. No resolutions, just wishes for a year better than this one. I'm actually really surprised that I'm up to see 2009 come in. Happy New Year!

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's been so long!

So long since my last post. Today, I have many things to post about and can't seem to get pictures on here! Oh, well, I'll type today and post pictures tonight or tomorrow.
I have had 4 days off! I'm still exhausted though! I'm such a whiner!
Thursday we had a birthday party for Brinnlee. She'll be 11 tomorrow! We did an American Girl Mystery party, and I know she had a great time - I think everyone else did too. All of our friends went together and got her a Kirsten doll. She is thrilled with her, I've never seen her play with a doll like this before! It's fun to watch her.
Friday we made a trip to Silver Dollar City. It was SO cold. We expected it, and thought we were prepared for it, but it was still tough to take. It was worth it though. We got to see/do most everything we wanted to.
Saturday, we hung out at home. Cleaned up and did LOTS of laundry. Fun, huh? After all that we decided to put up our Christmas tree and everything. I wasn't really ready for it, but next weekend will be crazy busy (retail) and I knew they'd wind up having to do it without me.
Sunday was a typical Sunday. We went to my parents house for lunch, and I fell asleep on their couch. The kids created a Mii character for me on the Wii - that was quite interesting, I must say. We stayed there until we had to head back to church for a 5:00 meeting. We made it home a little after 8:00.
My husband says I blog like I talk - too many words! I've tried to scale it down, but I guess this is just me. I need to post MUCH more often so it isn't so wordy! I try, really I do!

Friday, October 31, 2008


The last of my three days off is over. :( We really enjoyed them though. Ran errands and got some things done around the house during the day on Wednesday. Got to cook with the kids Wednesday night - we made a cake while Dad was at work, the kids decided it should be orange with purple frosting because it was so close to Halloween. Of course, it turned out really cute, and we all had fun. After baking we watched the Kit Kittredge movie together.

Thursday we had a field trip to the Spiro Mounds. I hadn't been there in years and it was kind of fun, but we had to cut it a little short. I hope we didn't miss anything.

Friday we got to have lunch - all four of us together - it's sad that I get so excited about one meal eaten all together! Later in the day we went to take some pictures of the kids. That was fun, too. Once we made it home the kids wanted to stay in and hand out candy in their costumes - we've never had trick-or-treaters before, we always lived too far out. Anyway, we got a few, so they were happy.

Oh, well, back to work tomorrow.....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So excited....

I am gearing up for 3 days off! No special reason, just kind of happened. I have a huge to-do list, but honestly can't say I care if I get to any of it! Not exactly true, but I really just want to relax and enjoy my family a little. The last few weeks have been crazier than the normal crazy we usually have going on and I feel like all we've done together is the absolute have-to stuff. I want to do something fun! Who knows what we'll come up with! We will miss bible study and co-op, but will use that time for some "us" time, and I'm looking forward to it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Its over! The corporate visit that was supposed to happen about a month ago - the one we spent weeks preparing for, and got cancelled at the last moment - happened today, with less than 2 full days notice. It all went well, thank God! We have a new regional manager - the reason the last visit didn't happen, they realigned the regions - she was great. We found that she was really easy to talk to, really interested in us and our store. I think thats a good thing.
On the MAJOR down side, I had this day on the calendar more than a month ago to take as a vacation day - DIDN'T HAPPEN. I wound up on the schedule to close, but didn't have to go in until 5:30, so it was cool. It was the last day of our bible study, we usually have a guest speaker and everyone brings food, sort of brunch I guess and right afterward a friend had a birthday/Halloween party for her daughter (Happy Birthday Brittney!) today, and I was SO looking forward to going. A day spent with friends, enjoying watching the kids enjoying themselves and enjoying being together - just really something I need from time to time. Anyway, all I can say is, at least its over. We shouldn't have another visit like this for 6 months to a year. I wound up having to open the store this morning, I was able to take the kids to bible study and drop them off, so at least they didn't have to miss the last day. I had to arrange for Daddy to get them to the party and help them get dressed in their costumes. I'm thankful that he was able to do it, but I really wanted to. I got to leave at 2:30 - so I missed the party completely :( - (I did see lots of great pictures though) - but had to go back at 5:30 to close. Bummer, but I guess I shouldn't complain, it doesn't happen that way too often. I guess I'm being a whiner at this point, just tired, it is so past my bedtime. Very wound up after a day like today! I may be ready to give sleep a try.
Tomorrow is the last day of coop, I always miss it when it is over, but I am ready for some downtime. (Like that ever really happens!) I am looking forward to presentation night, too. Its always fun to see what the kids have learned, and I love seeing how and what the other teachers teach. Its always good to get new ideas, things I can use even if I only use them with my kids.
Okay, I've rambled enough, my thoughts are all over the place and I think I hear my pillow calling my name......

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can't believe it

I can't believe its been two weeks since my last post. Still craziness at work - we have secret shoppers out and a vice president of the company traveling all month and popping into stores all over the country. Really seems stupid to me, but I guess I have to deal with it.
Three more weeks of Bible Study left and three more weeks of coop as well. I enjoy both so much, but right now I keep thinking I'm ready for things to slow down. But, honestly, even though these things will end, something else will come up and things will feel just as busy. And we miss Bible Study and coop until they start again anyway.
Everybody is starting to feel better at least, thats a relief. We have some fun things planned in the next few weeks that we're looking forward to, and that is helping I'm sure.
Wow, I guess not much to say, but it just felt wrong to let another day go by without posting anything.

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