Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Monthly Blog Post

Woke up at 1:30 and can't go back to sleep. Having all these random thoughts rolling through my brain. Why is it when you can't eat or drink anything you're so thirsty you'd swear you could die? Crazy, right? A random thought.
Had a birthday party for Noah yesterday. Wound up at Chuck E. Cheese and it was actually bearable. Enjoyed visiting with other moms and (of course!) the kids enjoyed visiting and they love the place. Another random thought, why is it that the places the kids love most are absolute torture for the adults? Thanks to everyone for the gifts and the visit. Also, Kelli thanks for stalking the CEC manager for us (lol) and for the awesome cakes. They were obviously a hit! So, now, thinking I'm going to finalize some of the "random thoughts" I'm having - and have been having - about my co-op class. I am looking forward to co-op! The kids are very excited! I think they'd do co-op classes all year and love it.
After that, I'm hoping to get the month of February planned out for kids church. Wonder how much I can get done in two hours? We shall see!
Okay, I've blogged for the month of January - lets see if I do better in February!


Life at the Lake said...

Hope you are resting well tonight.

Brinn said...

Mom, please blog again soon I'm tired of checking it and nothing be there that's new!:)

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